Information on Unit 106 & Complex

Air Conditioning : The unit is equipped with air conditioning in the bedroom only. Most times this is not needed because of the Trade Winds that bring in the ocean breeze. Our unit also has ceiling fans and smaller fans if needed.

Unit Security : For your security and safety, the unit is equipped with a "state-of-the-art" electronic lock system. when you arrive, you are issued a unique 6 digit lock code that works during your stay. No more worrying about who has the unit key, losing the key in the ocean, or having it fall into the wrong hands. The code is changed for each quest upon their arrival and in only good for their stay.

Parking: While each condo unit has one (1) parking space in the off-street parking lot there is not a specifically assigned space.  Therefore, you are allowed one space in the parking lot.  However, if you have more than one vehicle you should be able to on-street parking for the extra vehicle very close to Wailua Bay View. Please be considerate of the other guests and utilize only one parking space in the parking lot.

Recreational Equipment: From time to time some of our guests will purchase and leave behind smaller recreational equipment (snorkel gear, Boggy Boards, and other beach gear).  We leave this equipment in the unit for the use and enjoyment of any guest(s) that wish to use it; however, we do not maintain or provide any warranty as to the safety or condition of this equipment.  Please use this equipment at your own risk.

Smoking: WBV has a strictly enforced smoking policy.  Smoking is only permitted in one small area which is located at the East end of the building.  Smoking is not permitted in any of the units, the pool area, the parking lot, or on any of the Lanais.  If you are staying there and smell smoke notify the resident manager, Tim, and he will immediately handle the issue.

Telephone Service: :  For the convenience of our quests, we provide FREE AT&T; Telephone service in the unit.  The service allows free telephone calls to Hawaii and the United States.  Telephone calls to other countries will require the use of a prepaid telephone card.  However, you will be able to receive telephone calls from anywhere in the world.  The number to the unit is provided on the telephone.

Public Transportation & Getting Around

Rental Cars :  Of course having a rental car is without a doubt the most convenient way to get around the island.  It will give you the freedom to go virtually anywhere on the island.  If you are planning on trying to get to some of the more isolated beaches, you would be better served to go ahead and get a 4x4.  However, I would say that close to 95% of the island is accessible with a normal 2 wheel drive vehicle.

Taxi Service: There are taxi cabs available on the island and can serve you well for short trips, but like anywhere this can get expensive.  so we would recommend keeping this to minimum.

Event / Activity Shuttle Services: Many of the attractions / activities on the island will provide free or very reasonable shuttle service to their facilities.  It is always a good idea to inquire when scheduling an activity.

Bus Service: The Island of Kauai does provide public bus service that runs virtually all over the island at very Reasonable prices - $2.00/adult/trip and $1.00/child or senior/trip.  If staying longer or using it a lot, you can purchase a one-month pass with unlimited use for $25.00.  This is a great way to get to some of the beaches, towns and shopping.  There is a stop right across the highway from the WBV just in front of the Brick Oven Pizza.  Check when you arrive for the schedule.

Nearby Area and Activities

The Coconut Grove Market Place is just a short walk away (5 minute walk North up Papoloa Road) it features shops, restaurants, bars and free Hula Dancing shows. An organic farmers market is held in the parking lot of the Coconut Market Place as well. Check for dates and times of the Hula Dancing and Farmers Market.

Kinipopo Shopping Village is a smaller shopping center located right across Papaloa Road featuring a fantastic bakery, coffee shop, taqueria, Korean Barbecue, and more.

The nearby Wailua River is the starting point of numerous hiking, kayak and guided boat tours of the famous Fern Grotto and Hidden Falls. Smith's Tropical Paradise Luau is also located on the Wailua River.

The Sleeping Giant Hiking Trail The trail head for this trail is about a 5 minute drive from the condo complex.  Basically cross the highway at the stop light in front of the Shell station and continue straight on the main road to about 100 yards from the end to a parking area on the right-hand side of the street. This is a good hike if you are up for it.  Being a hiker, I would rate this trail as a high moderate of difficulty - the trail has some pretty steep areas and is always slippery..  It will take you about 1 hour to get to the top of the trail which is basically on the area they consider the chest of the sleeping giant.  About 30 minutes in there is a spot in the trail that is an old washout and it is a little sketchy, but is you are careful you can make it by it OK.  We do recommend that you wear shoes with GOOD traction as the red dirt is very slick, and we would not recommend that you try this hike right after a rain storm. Hiking sticks would be helpful as well, and be sure to bring some water.